BTC Faucet Rotator Jan 24, 2018

Have your tired Bitcoin Faucet Rotator on GPTBazaar.

Pending Payments Jan 10, 2018

All Pending Payments will be cleared within next 10 days. Please bear with us.

GPTBazaar Back in operation May 27, 2017

GPTBazaar is back to life again, We had to shift our hosting servers, that took long time than expected.We apologize for any inconvenience.

Downtime for GPTBazaar May 25, 2017

GPTBazaar will go down for schdeuled maintenance on 25th and 26th May, 2017, You might face partial or complete outage for GPTBazaar

GPTBazaar Facebook Apr 17, 2017

Please Take a moment and comment on our facebook page. .... OfferWalls>Facebook Comments .... This will help gptbazaar attract more advertisers and more traffic , which will help our members earn more from GPTBazaar.

20+ Ads Available with Manual Surf Mar 04, 2017

Now you can earn even more with New GPTBazaar Manual Surf. We have over 20+ ads available from manual surf . Try it out

GPTBAzaar Daily Login Bonus Feb 26, 2017

Now You Can Login Daily to GPTBazaar and Claim Free Bonuses. Just login daily , claim your free daily bonus. thats it

New offerwall at GPTBazaar Feb 21, 2017

Hello members, GPTBazaar has started a new offerwall (Ad Click Wall). You can use this offerwall and increase your earnings with GPTBazaar.

2 New Offerwalls on GPBazaar Jan 20, 2017

GPTBazaar have started two new offerwalls. SuperRewards and Offertoro. Members have now more options to earn more with GPTBazaar.

Bazaar Market Mar 24, 2016

Hello Members, We have started a new feature on gptbazaar, called Bazaar Market. From this feature you can purchase advertising credits at a very low balance. $0.01. You must try it out here,

New Live Chat Feature Mar 10, 2016

We have installed a New live chat features for gptbazaarianz. You can see this new feature under account. You will see a new facebook styled live chat on the right side of windows, once your open your account. Please share your problems,suggestions and any other other thoughts via live chat.

New Facebook Likes with more earning option Mar 01, 2016

We have installed a new Facebook likes option, with lots of earning options. Now you can earn with facebook, youtube, instagram,twitter,wine,soundcloud,pinterest and many more. Please check this new earning option and increase your earnings.

Payment Proofs Nov 12, 2015

Please upload previous payment proofs in GPTBazaar forum in order to get payments from us. If you failed to upload payment proof in our forum, you request will be cancelled.

Unverified Paypal Accounts Oct 22, 2015

We Don't pay to unverified paypal accounts. However you can request cash out using other payment methods that are offered on GPTBazaar

Happy Eid ul Adha Sep 23, 2015

A Very Happy Eid ul Adha to All BAZAARIANzzzz

Referral Prices Aug 04, 2015

We have increased referral prices from 0.1$ to 0.3$ per permanent referral. These price will be increased further. So Avail this chance before we increase the prices to their normal values, for what all ptc sites are offering. Remember: These are lifetime referrals. They will stay with you till the site is online and paying.

Referral Prices soon to be increased Jul 30, 2015

This is the last week to purchase permanent referrals at 0.1$ each. These are lifetime referrals. Avail this offer before the prices are increased.

Paypal Enabled again Jul 18, 2015

Paypal has been enabled again.

All Payments Cleared Today Jul 11, 2015

All pending payments have been cleared today. Paypal will remain disabled for one more week. You can choose other payment processors to request cashout. Paypal will be enabled again after 15th July,2015

New payments Jul 04, 2015

All Pending Payments will be cleared after 14th july 2015. The reason for this delay is , I am outside my home station and will not able to send payments before that. Sorry for this inconvenience. Thanks for your understanding and continues support for gptbazaar.

Gptbazaar moving on VPS Server Jun 16, 2015

Gptbazaar soon will be moved on a vps server hosting. We hope that this will make the website much more faster for all.

Site Downtime May 18, 2015

Members, We might face some downtime with the site. Due to problem with hosting servers. Hosting provider are upgrading their server. site may not be available for some time. Thanks for your patience

Daily Activity Contest Apr 16, 2015

Weekly activity contest has been changed to daily activity contest. Enjoy your earnings at Gptbazaar.

Offerwall Contest #2 Apr 10, 2015

Contest will start on April,13 and Will End on May,13... Winner will recieve % of their earnings. The more you will earn with offerwall the higher prize you will get . Is the only contest in ptc industry where you control the prize by yourself. I hope to see more active members in the area.

Very Important News Mar 06, 2015

Due to huge number of fraud activities on offerwall by some members , we are forced to take these measures. *************** Your paypal must be verified to receive payment from gptbazaar. ********************** ***** We are also going to apply some more security measure for offerwalls. that you will see in couple of days time. ****** I would request all members, to please help me in building a reliable and trusted website. Please do not complete fraud leads.

Payments cleared today Mar 02, 2015

All Pending payments have been cleared today. Be a part of weekly activity contest and earn more from gptbazaar.

Site not loading | Fixed Feb 10, 2015

Hello All, Our hosting privder has upgraded its servers, Yesterday you were not able to view site properly. It was due to this upgrade. As this activity was unexpected and no news was given to us, so we could not inform our members about this. However everything is fixed now, website should be loading fine now. Thanks

Captcha Solvers Dec 19, 2014

A New feature has been introduced on gptbazaar, Earn by solving captcha. Only 5 captcha / IP / day, is allowed. Means you can only solve 5 captcha per Day.

Referrals prices reduced further Nov 25, 2014

Good News, We have reduced referrals prices further. now you can purchase permanent refs at 0.11$ per referral. Enjoy your earnings.

Weekly Activity Contest Nov 25, 2014

Weekly activity contest has been started on gptbazaar. contest starts on every sunday and resets each week. Participate in this contest and win weekly prizes.

Referral Prices Reduced Oct 01, 2014

We have reduced referrals prices.. now its 0.25$ per referral. Please avail this offer, before it expires. This is a limited time offer.

Paypal enabled again Sep 23, 2014

We have enabled paypal again .. but highly recommend users to use choose other payment processors, due to high payout fee at paypal. We would like to thank all of our loyal and active members on this site.


Due to large number of payout requests through paypal. We have disabled paypal withdraw option, Till we clear the pending requests. Paypal is not allowing us to send more payments daily. To clear the pending this will take time. We will enable this option again. Please use other payment processor to request payout.

How to request payout Sep 20, 2014

The only requirement to request cash-out from this site is to upload previous payment snapshot in the forum. Members who will not upload payment proof in gptbazaar forum , will not receive their next payment.

2 Important News Sep 04, 2014

1: We are still in process of shifting to new servers. Thanks for your patience. 2: Next payments will be realeased on saturday and sunday, please request withdraw(if any), before saturday and sunday. Thanks

Yet another unique feature Sep 03, 2014

Yet another unique feature in Aurora PTC World, Daily bonus feature has been launched on Gptbazaar today. You have to complete some clicks to claim the daily bonus. This feature is in beta stage for now. Thanks

Pending Payments Sep 01, 2014

We have processed All payments for Last week . Next payments will be released on next week end[Saturday and Sunday]. All Members who have been paid are requested to please upload their payment proofs. Thanks

New Hosting Aug 23, 2014

Hello All, We are in a process of shifting to new servers. During this time you might feel some problems with the website loading . Thanks for your patience and support , as usual.

Pick the number and win 0.5$ Aug 13, 2014

We have launched a new game in the forum . Guess the number between 1-100 and win 0.5$ to you account balance.

First Referral contest Ended Aug 10, 2014

First referrals contest on gptbazaar has ended. below are the results... ...... Another Unique referrals contest is on its . stay tuned -- Admin

First Payout from Gptbazaar Aug 05, 2014

We are please to announce that today we have released our first payment of $1.92 We request " adis77 " to please upload payment proof in the Bazaar Forum. Paid members can be seen here: We wish all Bazaar members a Very Happy Earning !!! --- Admin Gptbazaar

Referral Contest Jul 31, 2014

We are pleased to announce that we have started our first referral's contest. Please check the details here:

Manual Surf Jul 25, 2014

Daily Earnings with manual surf are upto 0.02$ per day. This will increase further. Keep using this feature and earn more and more daily. More links will be added soon to have more earnings from this site

21 July 2014 Jul 21, 2014

Gptbazaar has been launched worldwide today. We have many earning options for you. Soon We will be announcing First and Unique Referral's contest on Gptbazaar.

Website Launch Jul 18, 2014

Count down to launch has started - 3 -

Site Not Yet Launched Jun 23, 2014

We have not yet launched the site.But still You can make account and start earning from the available earning options.

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